Klassen diesel sales Ltd and Klassen Engine Co is proud to offer the undisputed champs of the generator end world; Stamford Newage and Marathon electric. Why look any further? We don`t, all our generator packages be it Marine, Industrial, or Stand-by begins with one of these generator ends and will give literary tens of thousands of hours of un-interrupted power. Its Coke or Pepsi see if you can tell the difference.


Stamford-Newage has nearly one hundred years experience in building electrical machines on its main manufacturing site in Stamford, UK. Previous to the merge with AVK SEG, Newage (the name created from the full title, Northern Electric Wireless And General Engineering Company) was founded in Manchester, England in 1935 to manufacture generator sets and air compressors. Through manufacturing and international expansion of distribution in the 1960s and 1970s and acquisition and corporate restructuring in the 1980s and 1990s Newage is acknowledged as the world leader in generators in the range 8 kVA to 2000 kVA.


Proven top performers in every respect, MAGNAPLUS® generators offer powerful performance, reliable power generation and easy installation. Ruggedly constructed with solid state technology the SE350 voltage regulator, included with all standard equipment, is a solid performer.

MAGNAPLUS® designs offer an optional, field adaptable, permanent magnet generator which can be coupled with our PM300 or DVR2000 voltage regulators. This flexibility in configurations allows for application to the most demanding installations including loads that produce harmonic distortion as well as that requiring fault current support.

Constructed for extended life by utilizing Marathon’s exclusive unirotor construction, UL recognized class H insulation system, and long life bearings. MAGNAPLUS® design are the ideal general purpose generators for standby as well as prime power markets.

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